Full Steam Ahead…

So after going to the Fort Wort Museum of Science and History‘s Titanic exhibit, I learned an important fact. I was a first class passenger and I survived the sinking!

As you walk into the exhibit you are given a “boarding pass” that has your class, your name, and a short little background about you.

I was a male first class passenger heading to Montreal, Canada. Christina as a second class mom with three children.

At the end of the exhibit there is a large wall with every passenger’s and crew’s name. All separated by class and whether they lived or perished. It was a very somber moment as the list was mostly people that didn’t make it. With this list you found out whether the passenger on your “boarding pass” lived or died.

I wish i had some photos of the exhibit, but photography is not allowed and strictly enforced!

All in all we had a great afternoon and are glad that we live in a day and age that, for the most part, puts human safety first and foremost over ‘making the front page’.


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